The Beginning

Carbon dioxide consists of the elements carbon and oxygen. They formed in stars. The sun, the earth, and the planets of the solar system were formed from stardust, and later naturally, everything on earth that swims, crawls, runs, or flies. Finally, we too originated from stardust.

The Allende Meteorite

This meteorite is special – a carbonaceous chondrite. It contains real ancient solar matter: the white inclusions are 4600 million years old. They are the earliest material of our solar system!  The carbon content is around 0.5 percent. The meteorite even contains traces of amino acids.
It entered the Earth’s atmosphere on 8 February 1969 and landed amid lightning and thunder by the little town of Pueblito di Allende in northern Mexico.


The constellation Orion, according to Greek mythology, shows a powerful, robust  hunter.
On his belt, formed from three stars, hangs a sword. In the middle of the sword is the Orion nebula. There, 1500 light years from us, new stars and planetary systems are forming right now.

Chapter 1