The appearance of mankind|and the gift of Prometheus

About 800,000 years ago man learned to control fire, an event that is treated in many myths. Fire tremendously expanded the power of mankind.
He learned to melt metals and could make foodstuffs softer and more edible. Fire warms, with it man can settle areas that otherwise would be too harsh.


Finds from the Altheimer Culture, about 5500 years old, from the vicinity of Merching, Bavaria.
Burned animal bones, fired ceramics, fire-hardened bone tools and also birchbark tar traces document the systematic use of fire by man. 

Feuerstein und Zunderschwamm

Making fire with iron pyrite and flint like Ötzi. If you hold both pieces (pyrite and flint) sideways and don’t strike them together frontally, sparks are produced. With a prepared “tinder fungus” one can catch the sparks and produce a flame. This “tinder fungus” is not prepared for safety reasons.

Chapter 11