You can change the future

6,4 °C // Unforeseen consequences

If in the future all mankind adopts our resource-intensive lifestyle, without limiting the CO2 emissions, then  the average temperature according to a pessimistic calculation by 2100 will rise up to 6.4 degrees Celsius.
This would be a change never seen before with unpredictable consequences.

5,4 °C // Strong warming

If the world population continually grows and for mankind only economic aspects stand further in the foreground, the average temperature by 2100 can rise up to 5.4 degrees Celsius. A similar large rise occured between the  last great ice age and our present warm period.

3,8 °C // Local sustainability strategies

If mankind develops regional sustainable lifestyles, the global warming through 2100 can be limited to under 3.8 degrees Celsius. Even if the world population continually grows.

1,1 °C // Worldwide sustainable actions

If we in the future develop and use resource-efficient technologies worldwide, if sustainability takes center-stage for individuals and for countries, than the global warming according to optimistic calculations will be limited to 1.1 degrees Celsius.
A prerequisite is, that the world population goes down after mid-century.

Our future

What happens, if it gets warmer? The water in the oceans  expand thereby raising the sea level. Many regions, that today are still inhabited will be flooded. Where should the people go who lived there? This is only one result of the climate change, that noone denies. We live  well  off.  Each individual can contribute to the reduction of our material- and energy consumption. Than the CO2 emissions  will also sink.

Chapter 13