CO2 eaters in the ocean

About 3000 million years ago bacteria discovered that they could do something with the readily abundant carbon dioxide. They simply ate it.
As a digestive product they exuded oxygen. The more CO2 the bacteria ate, the more oxygen was produced. From oxygen in the upper layers of the atmosphere ozone (O3) formed, that protects against ultraviolet rays. Without ozone life would not have gotten very far.

First “Algae”

Stromatolites (layered rocks) form in shallow water under thick mats of blue-green bacteria. They are the oldest evidence of primitive “algae” that we know of. Even today stromatolites still grow in secluded waters, like in Shark Bay in Australia or also in the Dead Sea.

CO2 and Water

CO2 dissolves well in water and thereby forms carbonic acid. The cooler the water, the easier it take ups CO2. It nourishes algae and aquatic plants. Whoever wants beautiful acquatic plants should feed them CO2.
Professional greenhouses systematically “fertilize” tomatoes and other vegetables with CO2.


Chapter 3