About 230 million years ago the supercontinent Pangaea broke apart – and in the rifts new, nutrient-rich oceans formed. From the remains of tiny sea organisms, especially the Dinoflagellates, in the depths putrid mud formed that became oil shale. Out of this oil and natural gas were later formed.

All this is oil

Oil is the basic substance of our modern life. Not only all our cars, airplanes, many industrial plants and heating were and will use it – we also walk on oil products, wear them, cream ourselves with them, drink out of them and we even chew them. Were not many of these products perfumed we would smell like a gas station.

Quirinus oil

In the mid-15th Century on the west shore of the Tegernsee crude oil was discovered coming out of the ground. Healing powers were ascribed to it due to the influence of St. Quirinus, whose remains were preserved in the nearby Benedictine cloister. Pilgrims presenting their pleas to Saint Quirinus obtained the oil from the monks of the cloister. One rubbed it on aching joints or drank it. Often the complaints improved; there were also miracles. Today the spring has dried up.

Wax votive offerings

If the oil cure had helped, the faithful thanked the Saint with a wax votive offering. Wax was an expensive material in the 19th century.
After the offering had stood on a alter a while they were collected, melted down and made into candles.

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